These will have volume independent of the wired speakers which should be useful. It does have ‘audio out’ sockets and a headphone socket. Is there any way of connecting this to a wireless speaker such as the Cambridge Audio GO ?? Keep in mind that these are a line feed, meaning that the volume control on your receiver will not control volume to the speakers. The Hampdens have their own volume control, but I can’t speak for all Bluetooth speakers. Am I able to use wired speakers in conjunction with this? Meaning if I wanted a surround sound feel, and two speakers are wired to the receiver and two speakers across the room are not, can I still get sound from all 4 at once, or is it one or the other? Did you get the answer to this question as i have the same question. I was thinking i could connect a wireless transmitter to the headphone jack for this purpose? I have just moved into a new house.


Share on Facebook Freestanding speakers can be connected to a receiver without wires by means of a wireless speaker kit. The technology uses a radio transmitter and receiver to send the audio signal from the receiver to the speaker, which can be placed almost anywhere within range of the transmitter. Although the transmitters are commonly labeled as “wireless speaker kits,” the name is somewhat misleading.

The speakers are not completely wireless, although fewer wires are involved and the speakers are completely independent of the receiver.

If the subwoofer features spring clips in order to use speaker wire, then you can use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up. This process is the same as connecting a basic stereo sure to mind the channels.

What is your e-mail address? My e-mail address is: No, I am a new customer. Yes, I have a password: Surround Sound Maybe you’re using a great home stereo system , but even with a large-screen HDTV and buttered popcorn, you might not achieve the “movie theater” effect. That’s because sound systems in movie theaters use surround sound technology. And without that, you’re just watching plain old TV.

Technologies Driving the Evolution of Surround Sound To create dimensions with surround sound, audio is split into multiple channels so that different information can be supplied to different speakers.

The Amazon Echo Dot is more versatile with Bluetooth speakers than wired speakers

Some of these features became “standards” for communications receivers while others are only found on the PR and its matching Pre-Selector. Besides its unusual design, the PR has an important place in history relating to radio manufacturing on the West Coast in the s. The PR has always been a favorite of mine, probably because it was the first communication receiver I owned at age fifteen. This write-up includes circuit details, restoration suggestions and a performance report.

Before , radio building on the West Coast was uninhibited and pretty much any type of radio could be built and sold without very much interference from the license-holding and patent-owning radio manufacturers located on the East Coast. California was just too far away and their share of the booming radio market didn’t seem to impact the radio-selling profits enough to enlist infringement-busting lawyers to pursue those who were violating patents.

solved How to hook up a Samsung soundbar to a Pioneer receiver that runs already two speakers for stereo from the LG TV solved Have a Technics stereo system set up in the bedroom.

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How can i connect 2 subs to my receiver

I spent six years covering audio gear for Macworld , where I reviewed more than 75 headphones, DACs, headphone and speaker amplifiers, and computer accessories. But just as important, I love finding great, affordable gear that connects people to the music they love. Who should buy this? A dock-compatible receiver will let you inexpensively and easily add Bluetooth capability to most docks details below , eliminating not only the need to dock your device, but also the need for a pin-to-Lightning adapter.

For example, for a 2 speaker stereo sound, audioengigne makes powered speakers, most often used to ipod/mp3/computer input, but hooked up a tv would work fine too. Another option if you want surround sound would be to get powered computer speakers.

First off though your “cubes” are rated at 8 ohms but they are not, in use with non-bose gear they will be running at 2 ohms which is very dangerous for almost all amplifiers. Most are rated at ohms, at 2 ohms they will overwork and overheat the recievrs internal amplifier hence why your protection circuit is engaging.

I would disconnect those Bose cubes right away before they destroy that reciever of yours. Here is the technical info I gave in another thread earlier. I would not buy Bose, in fact I was almost given one for free and I wouldn’t take it. Bose speakers are horrible in their frequency response range. Their tiny cubes can only reach up to 13Hz The human ear can hear between 20Hz and 20kHz, think of it as points on the listening scale.

Now Bose “Bass module” cannot be called a sub at all because it can only reach down to 47Hz with it’s trifold 5. A good pair of stereo speakers will reach lower than 47Hz even without a subwoofer. So now the bass module is losing from 20Hz Hz which is 27 points on the lsitening scale and the cubes are missing 7 points on that scale. Because they are so bad and for the cost of any Bose system you can do far better than Bose.

There is a valid reason why when you put Bose sucks in any search engine there are , results. In fact there are many published reports on how bad Bose it. Go to any audio forum and I mean any one of them and do a search there and just put in Bose and see what you will get.

Speaker Impedance Rating Explained

How do you hook up a 1 farad capacitor to your amp? Answer 1 You first have to determine which side of the cap is positive andwhich side is negative. You run a wire from the negative side tothe chassis and …for the positive side you run a cable from thebattery to the terminal and from the terminal to the amp. Be careful not to mix up positive and negative on the capbecause it could explode and cause damage.

Answer 2 Because the capacitor is used to filter changes in supply voltageto the amp, the capacitor should be as close to the amp aspossible, and connected with heavy wiring. The capacitor also actsas a huge reservoir to supply lots of current as the amp signalhits high levels.

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It’s also made by a company that produces much higher-grade turntables. That means at least in concept, they know what they’re doing. Realize, of course, that at the lowest price-point, you’re not going to get the overall quality of one of their more expensive units. The AT-LP60 has a built-in phono pre-amp. That also means with the right adapter , you could even hook it to something that has a 3. There are other turntables that have their own preamp, also. The AT-LP60 has auto return, which is more of a beginner feature.

There were better turntables in the 70’s that had it, but mechanically it’s kind of expensive to implement well. Also, auto return decides when to lift the tonearm, and it initates this whole sequence of lift-move-drop that you can’t interrupt once it starts. That can be kind of frustrating for advanced users. However, you might be glad to have the auto-return feature if you’re just getting started in vinyl.

Linking my sound system to sonos wireless speaker

Okay, I knew it was my wiring. The old contractors for my place hooked everything up, but it never worked. They had it wired exactly like I tried, so I tried doing the same thing because I assumed that was how it was supposed to be done. I’m heading to bestbuy later to try and buy some alternative cabling.

Dec 21,  · My goal is to hook these two speakers up to my TV using the TV’s audio out I just don’t know how to go about doing this or if it is even possible without a receiver. Eventually (after I get this semester’s tuition paid off) I will be buying a receiver, and eventually going into a setup.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Yes, you can use a non bos sub with the cube speakers. Your non-Bose receiver will have a subwoofer-pre-out which is just a signal mono bass signal to your powered subwoofer [most if not all of the subwoofers that you’d buy are powered -with its own internal amp]. But there will be a few issues.

It may sound ok Bose speakers and other components are designed specifically to work with its own Bose components only. This sux because ppl cannot mix and match and use their own components which is one of the reasons why I prefer to stay away from Bose products. The Accoustimass Bass module is not just the sub it actually contains the amplifier for the cube speakers.

This DSP is very necessary because the cube speakers consists of 2 drivers: The 2 drivers are what Bose calls “twiddlers” I suspect that if you use a non bose receiver

Soundbar with a receiver

The OC dspargo said: The receiver has the ability to run both A and B speakers at the same time. The receiver manual says all the speakers 3 in this case will be run in a series.

Once all the tools are available, hook up the speakers to the TV using the appropriate audio cables, and then power on the TV and speakers. A small flashlight might be handy to illuminate the dark corners behind the receiver and television.

Here’s how to make do on the fourth-generation Apple TV. If you relied on the optical audio port to hook up your AV system, here are a few solutions you may want to consider. You’ll lose AirPlay support, yes, but that speaker system will still be ready to play anything from your new Apple TV. Make sure you train your remote to control your speaker system! Your current TV, an optical audio cable. Keep your old Apple TV around free If you own a third-generation Apple TV and the plug space to keep it in your media center , you can use its optical audio port for your surround sound system thanks to a new Audio and Video routing setting on the fourth-generation Apple TV.

You will have to wake your third-generation Apple TV from sleep when you want to use audio, which may require the use of your old Apple TV remote or an extra setting on a universal remote. You don’t need to use an HDMI cable for anything. Find your Apple TV name and click on it. When you’re connected to your third-generation Apple TV’s audio receiver, you won’t hear any of the system pops and clicks from the fourth-generation Apple TV as you mouse around—but once you enter an app, game, or video, the audio will properly reroute.

To make this work, you’ll need a spare power port and extra HDMI cable. Audio extractor, extra HDMI cable, optical audio cable.

Passive Speakers without an amplifier directly to a computer/laptop/ Imac