With up to 8 rounds of. In the minds of many, this was the perfect handgun for CCW. The only problem…how to carry it? As time goes on, I continue to add more and more holsters to this list. As companies announce new products, I update the page. If I miss any, please let me know in the comments section below. I encourage everyone to leave feedback on the carry rigs you have tried. By posting your thoughts, you are helping out many other shooters who are looking for a quality carry rig for their pistol. Bianchi and Safariland are both part of the same family of companies, but both maintain their own distinctive brands. If you are looking for the Safariland offerings, skip down to their own section.

What Is It About Boating: Boat Camping Overnight

Harris designed this light but sturdy footer. The Peeler is intended for smaller outboards, 8hp to 15hp. Capacity is four adults. The flat bottom maximizes initial stability for casting or working traps, while making the hull extremely easy to build and easy to drive. The kit is intricately thought out, with all kinds of slot-together refinements for quick building.

Mercury Mercruiser Quicksilver New Oem Part t49 Gear Hsg L. Doral White – $5, Volvo Penta Dph Upper Part With Hook Up Fork Auto Release – $1, hp 2-stroke Outboard Motor Outboard Boat Hook Engine Cdi Air Cooling System.

Do I have your attention? Let’s set the egos aside and talk some basic mechanics, hydrodynamics, physics and math, then go to work on optimizing setup. Top-end speed is the yardstick by which we usually measure a boat’s performance, but it should not be the objective. Each hull design has characteristics that limit its top end speed capabilities with a given amount of horsepower. Done properly, setup is a time consuming process. It can be expensive, and often is, if pursued to the last MPH.

The theory of optimum boat performance is relatively straightforward, but affected by many variables: A prop of “X” pitch will move the hull forward “X” inches if there is zero slip A prop MUST slip to work effectively Drag increases prop slip Hull drag is a function of wetted surface area Lower-unit drag is a function of gearcase design and engine height Aerodynamic drag is a factor, but usually a small one until speeds approach MPH Aerodynamic lift generally decreases hull drag Some of these variables can be controlled and some cannot.

Honda Marine

Not doing a sales pitch here, but I’m a Quicksilver agent, and to the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been any increases in the last 3 months, there was an increase in the beginning of the year if I remember correctly. Dealers telling you that there was another increase are purely on a lower sales higher markup ride!!! It seems to be common practice, maybe I should start joining that train, cause when it comes to marine products people tend to just bite the bullet and pay!

Outboard Engine Setup. How to properly rig and setup an outboard engine for top performance. -console with a hp outboard and assisted in the installation so I might better understand the nuances of setting up the motor. Of course, most boating anglers don’t install their own outboards. outboard height and gear-case diameter.

At least once a year, to extend its life and ensure its reliability, give your outboard motor a tune-up. Follow these general maintenance steps; consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions. Buy lubricant, bolts, filters, and marine grease at a marine store. Whatever brand or size outboard you have, use the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual.

Follow any specific recommendations and use any special applicable procedures. Use only specified lubricants and replacement parts; if you use different ones you’ll void your warranty. Start your preseason checkout with a visual inspection. With the motor off, remove the cowling to expose the power head. Starting at the propeller, at the bottom of the lower unit, examine the motor for signs of leaking lubricants; look around the propeller and below the fill screws on the side of the gear housing.

A little oil is normal, but if there’s a dark oil stain running down from the propeller, there could be a leak in the seals behind the propeller. This should be repaired by a qualified outboard mechanic. A bad propeller wastes fuel and increases wear to the lower unit; examine the propeller carefully. Look for small cracks in the blades near the hub, for large nicks in the blade tips; check to see whether the blades are bent or misaligned.

Connecting Outboard Gear

Unlock the rear latch by pushing lever down. Lift rear of cowl and disengage front hook. An anode helps protect the outboard against galvanic corrosion by sacrificing its metal to be slowly corroded instead of the outboard metals. The anode requires periodic inspection especially in salt water which will accelerate the erosion.

If the filter appears to be contaminated, remove and replace.

The Secrets of Boat Setup. or The baseline, TMS (Theoretical Max Speed), is based on WOT (Wide Open Throttle) RPM, gear ratio and (effective) prop pitch. Hull size, design and weight IMPORTANT: Remember to wear a PFD and hook up the kill switch.

Oil changes are an important part of maintaining an outboard motor. Changing the lower unit oil of a Mercury outboard provides the proper lubrication for the internal components of the motor, while removing normal shavings from the oil. First, you need to ensure that your outboard is in a vertical and upright position. Thereafter you will need to locate and identify both the upper and lower Fill and Drain Plugs. Place an oil drainage pan beneath the outboard where you will remove the bottom drain plug.

Some oil will begin to trickle out so you need to make sure that the oil drain pan is positioned correctly to catch the draining oil. Now remove the top drain plug; this will release the vacuum that exists and allow the oil to drain freely from the Mercury lower unit. Allow all of the oil to drain completely from the lower unit. This process can easily take between minutes. Once all the oil has been completely drained, the lower unit will have to be re-filled.


Installing a system in your outboard-powered boat is a simple do-it-yourself project. It includes a helm pump, a front-mount cylinder and two sets of hydraulic tubing that you cut to length. This system requires a splashwell width of at least 21 inches.

Evinrude Outboard Gear Case Parts are here at Wholesale Marine with low prices and super speedy shipping.

Abeam – At right angles to the keel of the boat, but not on the boat. Aboard – On or within the boat. Adrift – Loose, not on moorings or towline. Aft – Toward the stern of the boat. Aground – Touching or fast to the bottom. Ahead – In a forward direction. Aids To Navigation – Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating safe and unsafe waters. Alee – Away from the direction of the wind.

Outboard Motor Steering Systems & Controls

The gear case is considered that part of the outboard below the mid section exhaust housing. The gearcase contains the propeller shaft, the driven and pinion gears, the drive shaft from the powerhead and the water pump. On models equipped with shifting capabilities, the forward and reverse gears, together with the clutch, shift assembly, and related linkage, are all housed within the case.

In-Water Gear Lube Change System: For the first time ever, your technician can drain and replace your outboard’s lower unit lubricant without having to remove the boat from the water. Here’s to convenience and having more uninterrupted hours on the water.

Figures shown are guidelines only, not absolute service limits. Low compression pressure can indicate one or more of following: Start engine and allow to warm up, then shut engine off. See page 3. Remove all spark plugs. Install compression gauge hose attachment into plug hole, then connect compression gauge hose to gauge hose attachment and compression gauge.

Compression gauge Compression gauge hose Compression gauge hose attachment 5. Disconnect safety lanyard switch plate from emergency stop switch. Disconnect the safety lanyard from the emergency stop switch prior to cranking the engine.

Outboard Motor Hoist

Operation[ edit ] The drive unit outdrive carries power from the inboard engine, typically mounted above the waterline, outboard through the transom and downward to the propeller below the waterline. The outdrive resembles the bottom half of an outboard motor and is composed of two sub-units: The boat is steered by pivoting the outdrive, as on an outboard motor ; no rudder is needed.

The outdrive is pivoted up for trailer travel and between uses to avoid fouling. The outdrive can be matched with a variety of engines in the appropriate power range; upper and lower units can often be purchased separately to customize gear ratios and propeller RPM, and lower units are also available with counter-rotating gearing to provide balanced torque in dual-drive installations.

Sterndrive engines are similar to those used in true inboard systems.

Honda Marine Outboards has many different versions of each model, each for a different application. The best and most accurate way to be sure you are getting the right parts for your specific outboard is to enter the serial number.

We get a lot of questions on our catfish guide trips about the equipment we use for catfishing so we have created this page to serve as a reference for our guided catfish fishing trip customers at North Texas Catfish Guide Service. There are a number of different variables that look at when considering fishing tackle for catfishing, durability and easy of repair. Fishing for Big Texas Blue Catfish Trophy Catfishing and fishing for blue catfish and channel catfish with rod and reel gives us a variety of different fishing scenarios that we have to consider and a number of different considerations as far as equipment.

All of the items that are listed here are catfishing equipment that we use on our North Texas Catfish Guide Service Guided Catfish Fishing Trips so we can give you our stamp of approval that they will work. The SeaArk ProCat is 24 feet long with a full wrap around windshield, large front and rear decks, a gallon tournament livewell, large swivel fishing seats, bait well and all of the latest features and technology. You can learn more about our rig on our catfish guide boat page.

We prefer aluminum to fiberglass for weight and durability. Aluminum boats are tough and easy to care for.

Sending Audio To An External Compressor Or Outboard Gear in Cubase